A Matter of Perspective (#0039)

Let's talk about Perspective a little bit. Not first-person, not second-person, not even third-person perspectives. If you'd like to read about literal Point of View involvingĀ a narrator's position, then feel free to read these decent articles on the issue; The Write Practice's Point of View in Writing, Aim's College Points of View in Writing, Quick … Continue reading A Matter of Perspective (#0039)

Exercise 0007 – Average 9/20 SoCS

"average" Prompt for SoCS on September 20, 2014 from LindaGHill It was an average day. The snow had settled in a sheet of white across the Nebraskan plains. Charcoal grey clouds hung heavily, resting against the horizon in a dense fog. Steam rolled from a rosewood hot tub, the bubbles roiling. The frothy water was … Continue reading Exercise 0007 – Average 9/20 SoCS