Review Policy & Request

Dominika Lein’s Unusual Reviews for Strange Folk

In an effort to expand my blog and brutally carve out some time for reading like I once used to, I’ve opened up reviews for fellow authors!

There is no rating system involving stars or flames or hearts or anything like that.

Instead, I provide a positively honest review discussing how the story resonated with me and the book’s strengths and weaknesses from my particular perspective.

If you request for the review to be posted on a site with a rating system (such as Amazon), I will approximate what I believe the book deserves and while I can’t promise positive ratings, I’m offering reviews to help other authors out… not bring them

What I will consider for Review….

  • Any maturity rating (i.e. NC-17 is fine).
  • Speculative Fantasy.
  • Unusual / Genre-Blending / New-Genre Fiction.
  • Esoteric Literature.
  • Experimental Literature.
  • Epic/High Fantasy under 300 pages.
  • Science-Fiction on case-by-case basis.
  • Alternative/Queer Fiction.

What I will NOT consider for Review…

  • Non-Fiction (memoirs included).
  • Mainstream Romance.
  • Mainstream-catered Fiction (rehashes of popular tropes)
  • Most YA fiction.
  • Children’s Books.
  • Contemporary/Slice-of-Life Fiction.
  • Mystery/Suspense.
  • Urban Fantasy/Mainstream Paranormal.
  • Anything over 111,100 words long.
  • Unpublished works

To request a review, comment on this page or send an e-mail with the following information…

Answer to the best of your abilities…

  • Title (is it part of a series? if so, which part?)
  • Author
  • Author’s contact e-mail
  • Genre(s)
  • Synopsis
  • Why do you want me to review this book?
  • Will you provide a Free Copy upon Review Acceptance?
  • If accepted, where would you most like me to post the review (choose 1-3 places)?
  • How many books have you written before this one?
  • What makes this book different from others?

If you have questions, e-mail me at dominikalein (AT) gmail.

Do not, I repeat, don’t send me a copy of your book until I have requested it and accepted it to the potential review list. I will e-mail you when this happens.

Being on this list doesn’t guarantee a timely review, but it does mean that I will be taking time to read and craft a review for it eventually.


I reserve the right to reject any requests for any reason.

Again, don’t send me your book until I ask. If you do, I will delete the communication and it’ll result in instant rejection :(

I look forward to accepting, reading, and reviewing some really awesome stories.

Contact: dominikalein (at) gmail