Project Notes

Status notes for developing projects.

Finished Projects

Underhome: Read here. (temporarily retracted)

A complete paranormal/young adult short story.

Light Out: Read here.

A mature romance/experimental short story.

In Process Projects

The Magus: Read here. (temporarily retracted)

A simple character portrait that should be finished entirely, soon-ish…. eventually…. any day now…. just a little bit to go…

The Yard: Read here.

A spontaneous character/landscape portrait that is a living world.

Hiatus Projects

Lovestar Galaxy: Read here.

Technofantasy novel, Written in Rapid Fire Style.

Coming Soon Projects

A Lion’s Yarn series: (Completion Goal: Book One – 2015)

My main fantasy series and the oldest of my projects, 2-3 years in development. *Update: Draft is currently being written during NaNoWriMo.

MRD – The Wanderer: (Completion Goal: 2016)

A major Speculative Fantasy project in second year development.

The Ones Above: (Completion Goal: Book One – 2016)

A Speculative Fantasy project that is based in a separate galaxy, though interacts with our own. *Update: taken on as a full novel to develop.  August/2014

In Formal Submission