January 2020 Chat

Good day! How's everyone? So, I recently remembered that MeWe was a thing, and that I have an account there. I hadn't logged in for a while... 9 months since last post... so, that should give yet another indication how I consider social media. Being back on Twitter, I am reminded as to why I … Continue reading January 2020 Chat


I recently worked in a local factory on a line. It was repetitive grueling physical work, and it made me appreciate writing all the more. Writing is such a special thing, a blessing of life and consciousness. The ability to communicate through symbolic designs agreed upon by a mutual understanding of people... ...not only that … Continue reading Amazing

Maintaining Focus while Remaining Open

When it comes to writing, no matter where you are in terms of skill or talent, it's important to keep focused on your own goals while also keeping yourself open to new ideas, techniques, and attitudes. It is a personal balance between application of knowledge and individual direction. Discernment is a powerful tool for an … Continue reading Maintaining Focus while Remaining Open