A Stand-Alone SFF Novella.

In the cold dark expanse of space, for over 18,500 years, an organic spacecraft known as Niobe has roamed alone. No humans, no galactic civilizations, no family generations, only the remnant of a lost Reptilian crew far from their homeworld. Sinister intentions control routine incarnation systems, leaving the crew at the whim of a madman.

Assigned to be a pilot, Ray has incarnated without memories. He seeks to reclaim his recollections, to remember his purpose and desire, to understand why he can hear the voice of his flying pod when others hear nothing. With mystery around every turn, he discovers allies and foes alike within their insular world.

Reptilian Wanderer tells a story of when aliens find themselves alone in space, with no one to find. Disconnected from their world with no apparent mission but continued survival. It shares the madness that can come with immortality, the confusion that can come with remembering a thousand lives, and the love a living machine can develop for her crew.


Available in Paperback