I don’t blog often.



For Status of developing Projects; Click here.


I’m fairly new to writing as an author. For the past two years, I have been a novelist, actively working on a number of novels. While none are complete, I strive to make them complete as possible for as long as I survive in this realm.

This is my space to share my works with anybody who wishes to read them, free, honestly.

There will be a log of updates made to Shared Projects, so that if you read one and then come back at a later time, you’ll see if something might have been added, edited, changed, etc. As projects become finished, I will freely share whatever is not in queue for a submission somewhere. I might also publish on Kindle or something like that, but I’m not certain about that route.


Anyways, enjoy yourself, browse around, send me an e-mail with feedback, questions, offers, just a hello, whatever (really, idc).

– Dominika (June 13, 2014)

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