January 2020 Chat

Good day! How's everyone? So, I recently remembered that MeWe was a thing, and that I have an account there. I hadn't logged in for a while... 9 months since last post... so, that should give yet another indication how I consider social media. Being back on Twitter, I am reminded as to why I … Continue reading January 2020 Chat

NEW RELEASE: StoryHack Action & Adventure!

Good morning! ...or evening... or afternoon... you know what... just... it's morning where you are right now. I don't care what the sun says! So. Gooooood Morning! Exciting news today. We have a short story release in StoryHack Action & Adventure Magazine! It's a SciFi-esque story and yes, of course I have to put that … Continue reading NEW RELEASE: StoryHack Action & Adventure!


I recently worked in a local factory on a line. It was repetitive grueling physical work, and it made me appreciate writing all the more. Writing is such a special thing, a blessing of life and consciousness. The ability to communicate through symbolic designs agreed upon by a mutual understanding of people... ...not only that … Continue reading Amazing