About Dominika

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I’m Dominika, a 27 y.o. American writer. As a fiction author, I enjoy writing speculative, fantasy, horror, romance, and sci-fi with dashes of whatever.

My blog shares my journey with anyone who wishes to follow, lurk, or appreciate while I develop my craft and complete my first novels. Since 2014, there’s been plenty of ups and downs, but if you’re reading this, then I’m still here!

Writing is an art medium for me and I tend to approach storytelling from an artistic standpoint.

I use Microsoft Word and Google Docs to type and format manuscripts, Mead or Pallex composition notebooks to keep notes and brainstorm, and red/blue/black Bic pens to write.

I use Scrivener to organize and finish my fantasy novels.

Other interests of mine include music, gaming, ontology, gardening, technology, financial markets, visual concept art, fine art, occultism, esoteric literature, chronic pain management, lifestyle fitness, the human body, consciousness, meditation, space weather and space exploration.

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