NEW RELEASE: StoryHack Action & Adventure! (AGAIN!)

déjà vu! Exciting news!

A new short story of mine is featured in the 2021 Issue #7 of StoryHack Action & Adventure Magazine!

Available in both Ebook and Paperback, this issue features a BRAND NEW Sci-Fi Story.

Quick, fun, with some action and of course… an alien!


Eyes as Blue as Metal by Dominika Lein

After discovering a human upon a worn-torn planet, an alien commander is betrayed by an ambitious underling.

There are 9 other stories (NINE!) included from some awesome authors such as JD Cowan, David J. West, and Alexandru Constantin.

Out of all the magazines on the current market, StoryHack (powered by the wonderful Bryce Beattie), is one of my favorites and continues to maintain a vision worth supporting.

If you pick it up, please consider leaving a review or let others know!

Thank you! ❤️