January 2020 Chat

Good day!

How’s everyone?

So, I recently remembered that MeWe was a thing, and that I have an account there. I hadn’t logged in for a while… 9 months since last post… so, that should give yet another indication how I consider social media.

Being back on Twitter, I am reminded as to why I left. It doesn’t come as a surprise, but there it is. It was nice having a year without the occasional bombardment of random political strife hitting my eyes and trying to steal my attention.

Curation of the mind is an important element of story creation, or it is for how I process ideas. Maintaining awareness of what is taken in, what is selected to remain, what inspires or supports… not just being inundated by constant washes of momentary hype/outrage/etc.

Places like Twitter and social media and such, they are all very… human.

So many people get so caught up in emotional reactivity, with the churn of fleeting hits of praise or criticism or harassment. At times, it can seem tough not to get swept under. To ignore the pressure to join a herd to avoid stampedes…

Shit, I meant for this blog post to be lighthearted!

In a way though, I don’t think what I just mentioned comes as a surprise to anyone. I like to believe most people are aware of the hype-structure of platforms like Twitter and how humans interact with one another.

I recently turned 30, and have come to realize in my decade (or so) of adulthood that I don’t care to rush.

Actions are key, no doubt, and getting things done is paramount…

…but frantic rushing? No.

Actions still have to be thoughtful. Not everything that gets done will be on the same level of ROI.

Writing as an author, for me, has always been a long-game. It still is. I’m about 8 years into that long-game.

It’s a game that’ll only end with my death.

I sure aim to get everything out by then!!!

…but I will spend the time necessary to serve the stories to the best of my abilities!

Obligatory end-of-post here are my books! link :D


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2 thoughts on “January 2020 Chat

  1. You have much more maturity than I when it’s comes to this stuff. Or maybe you’re less attention-deficit. I get so damn bored at work, these applications become a steam-release valve for me, or else I’d go even crazier than I am now.

    I also have found that, of all social media platforms, Twitter sells the most books, followed by my blog. Instagram and Facebook were worse than useless, and while I’ve met some really cool people on MeWe, I haven’t found it good for selling books either. Live and learn.

    1. Hmm… yeah. MeWe is definitely not a selling platform. Facebook is entirely geared for the subindustry of selling ad space, and Instagram is the same because owned by FB. Twitter isn’t so severe and intensive about selling ad space, and is mostly text-based, so there is more room there due to the openness of it. Thinking about it a little, Twitter is like one big shared Discord server… that the public can wander into without joining the server.

      So, I’d say…. selling books directly relates to the level of open exposure to new potential readers. The more people seeing it, the higher the chances get. Instagram and Facebook restrict this exposure (probably on purpose to sell ads), MeWe doesn’t have that level of engagement, but Twitter allows for the exposure by comparison.

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