New Year, New Decade. Ayy 2020!

The year is 2020.

The future has imploded into the present…

Anyway, after a year away, I have rejoined Twitter.

What did I discover from being away for a year?

For one, my brain doesn’t naturally use short snippets of thought.

For another, I actually forgot Hashtags are a thing! Twitter is one of the only major exposure to hashtags/trending for me, because I don’t mess with news cycles, social media, or MSM/cable TV. Thus, I have a high tolerance for ignoring that kind of stuff. So it was very much a “ohhhh… right! Those are still a thing!”

I didn’t miss Twitter. I didn’t long for Twitter. At the same time, I don’t feel anything that should keep me away from the platform.

I did miss the occasional browse of what other people were up to, thinking about, and their creative projects.

The latter is the reason why I rejoined.

Twitter seems to be the current intuitive platform where creators and publishers quickly share their projects with one another. Other platforms don’t have the same kind of momentum.

Plus they got a Dim Theme, and faster response interaction, and that does a lot for me. Having to look at sanitized corporate white-on-blue gets to me after a while. (*coughs at wordpress*). I need to feel like an ’80s-styled hacker if I’m going to be on social media! You should see my Scrivener settings…

So, I’m back on there – with my old username:

I won’t be as active as I was in the past, but I will be about.

…but no! I’ll never, ever, ever join facebook!!!!

*hisses and scuttles off*

Progress Update: Working on Us, the Three. Fix up blog graphics. A short Sci-Fi story of mine will be releasing in a magazine soon (more info to come).

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