omg, an update?

My environment recently got changed so I can (with great hope!) manage less interruptions while writing/editing/proofing/etc.

While my computer always had a spot, I never had a space specifically for writing. I made do with whatever: the extra table, the rickety chair, the couch, etc.

During a short stint in California, I never got proper furniture. I sat on the floor and put my laptop on a storage box. The very first draft of I, the One was written like that.

Eventually, upgraded to a folding dinner tray table and used the box as a chair instead. An early outline of Reptilian Wanderer got finished that way (along with hundreds of index card notes).

A little older now (just a little), my back disagrees with my bohemian ways.

So now I’m spoiled and have an office chair with wheels and a mesh backing. There’s an actual… well, okay, it’s not a desk but it sure works like a desk. I had a desk while finishing the last draft of I, the One, but I didn’t like the damn thing. Too stuffy. Too prim. Made of cheap fake wood that flaked apart at the lightest touch.

I use an old table of sturdy wood now. It’s not meant to be a desk, but… storage boxes aren’t meant to be desks either… so, try and stop me!

Anyway, what I was saying, this is the first time I’ve settled a spot specifically for the sake of my publishable books. It’s in a closet. It’s small, but it isn’t cramped.

Most… uhm, exciting, I set up a white board to the wall, which… I was probably far too excited about. I’ve had this white board for about eight years but it’s the first time I’ve mounted it to a wall. A lot has happened on that white board, every single book I’ve published (and those books I haven’t) have been given the board treatment and until I recently found an app that does something similar, I used to organize timelines and beat sheets on it.

And yes, in case you were wondering (which I know you weren’t) when I develop consistency and timelines, I become Charlie in the mailroom from Sunny in Philadelphia.

Back to work: I’m currently finishing the final stages of Us, the Three (which is currently around 50+ pages) and once that’s complete, I’ll move to the final edit of The Descent Files Book 2: Queen Hana (which has come in around 250 pages).

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