One word at a time.

Such is how a writer’s quest for perfection exhausts imagination.

The craft of writing is subject to overthinking. Analysis of prose can be useful, yet when it becomes the dominant priority, the heart of a story perishes.

With loss of heart follows loss of passion.

Excessive editing, obsession with grammar and structure, is a trap of the mind.

If it doesn’t enhance a story’s impact, then there is little point other than scholarly rumination.

Perfection can be found in the resonance of reality between reader and story.

It is this resonance that drives my choices when creating a book.

All else is secondary.

The year of development for Us, the Three has centered around this fact.

Us, the Three will be the last in the series of I, the One and We, the Two (both currently available on Amazon). It is not a conclusion, but the final piece of a primer that leads into the greater series yet to come.

Compared to the previous two books, Us, the Three is different yet the same. Unknown characters will be introduced, familiar characters will be revealed through new perspectives, and more of the universe will be unveiled.

In Us, the Three‘s cover illustration, shown below, we see the following characters:

Niman, Magdalia, and Trelis (left to right).

You can read about Niman in I, the One and We, the Two.