And From The Silence…

I know I’ve been quiet, especially since I left Twitter (unless you’re on my mailing list and then you would’ve gotten that short horror story in Jan~ check your inbox if you didn’t see it!).

Well, that’s going to change soon enough.

Starting on April 5, I will be returning to blog posting here.

Maybe I’ll even go into how I spent a lot of last year studying, writing, but not publishing much of what I wanted to… and why that is embarrassing for me!

…Maybe, I mean: it is embarrassing after all.

Anyway, if for whatever reason you have any questions or interest in a particular blog topic – whether it got dropped from last year or otherwise – comment here or shoot me an e-mail or hmu on MeWe.

I’m not going to fill this last paragraph with summaries and links to my books down here. But if you’re new to the blog, might I suggest starting with Reptilian Wanderer. The cool kids enjoy that trippy space lizard story a lot, so…