Writing isn’t Torture

ATTN. WRITERS: The act of writing isn’t miserable. It doesn’t suck. It isn’t a burden and it isn’t torture. Writing is not a punishment.

You are not a victim of writing.

Writing is a choice, no matter the reasoning that leads to that choice, it still remains a voluntary act – a luxury of time spent and thoughts invested. Writing is an outpouring of creativity and imagination.

It’s a mind-game and setting yourself up with the perspective that you’re supposed to feel miserable while doing it… that you’re expected to feel tortured to write… this constant romanticization of the writer as an enslaved artist… it’s nonsense getting in your way of writing what you want to write.

The ability to communicate via the written language, and then go beyond and share worlds that don’t exist, characters who are completely fictional, and stories that speak to other human beings even though they only exist between our respective minds… that is a blessing, not a curse.

If you’re going to believe, despite all this, that writing sucks… then embrace the suck, don’t put it on a pedestal and gnash your teeth about it.