Summer Update

During the start of this month, I spent days visiting the ICU of a hospital. My mother-in-law was there after a surgery. It was about a week of time, but being in a hospital made it feel much longer. The surreal aspect of watching real people living through incredibly real moments of life and death situations provided invaluable insight.

Escapism isn’t just about escaping. People need mental and emotional breaks in their lives. We need freeing moments to remember what it means to be who we are, not by being told how we should feel or think or act but through experiencing our Being at our own pace.

Humans have an extraordinary ability to thrive with wonder and beauty. We need those moments of recuperation, relaxation, and entertainment for significant reasons. The human mind flourishes when it can revel in creative spirit.

Books help offer that to people, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy books.

The ICU recalled my choice to become an author. My stories help others feel wonder, feel free, and can have a positive effect. Creating worlds is a skill and writing stories in those worlds is something I can actually do for others.

This is why every year increases my ambition to keep moving forward. The more growth means the more I can create, and the more I can create, the more chances I have to reach people who might benefit from what I have to offer this world.

Science Fiction and Fantasy, comics and manga, roleplaying games and writing; they all helped me through-out my own life. To call it escape is to sell the benefits short.

I learned so much about myself and others through these activities, I developed a sense of understanding about the world, society, and individuals early on. I learned about complexity and conflict, about strangeness and “the other” (X-men and ElfQuest were a couple of my favorite worlds when I was a kid).

Through these worlds, I was able to go beyond physical and emotional pain to make sense of things that otherwise seemed confusing in my young age. It didn’t give me the answers but provided paths for me to find my own answers. I eventually found similar freedom could be extended to other people through my writing by the process of bringing what was in my imagination to reality.

Project Status

The Descent Files: Hana

I assumed Book 2 in this series would be the same length as Book 1 (around 35,000 words)… then the manuscript ended up at 55,000 words. Then, I decided to change a major plot point and thus decided to restructure the entire novel!

It is possible that Book 2 is going to be around 60,000 words which demolishes the original schedule I had planned for a book at 35,000 words.

And you know what? I made a mistake: The pipeline process I put together at the start of this year didn’t end up working like I thought it would. Well, I’m changing that and going with a new process now.

What this means is that I won’t be releasing Queen Hana until the rest of the series (two more books) are completely finished and then I will release them close to one another. I don’t know how long that’s going to take, but my goal is to have the complete series out by the end of this year.

As a bonus, I’m going to put together a combined paperback of all four books in one single print book!

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The Ones Saga

Things have been feeling really good, the way everything is coming together for this series. I have a couple things in the works for it and that’s all I’m going to say about this one for now….

The Future Dawn Series

I’m currently scaling this series. There’s a lot I wanted to do with it and I’m trying to narrow on what would work best. But it is on the backburner behind The Ones Saga unfortunately so it’s getting a raw deal until that project is further along. However, this series is something that’s going to be a whole lot of fun for people who like cyberpunk and thrillers.

It’s basically my Blade Runner.

Other Projects

I dropped the Stassi: Space Huntress project. It probably won’t be coming back anytime soon.

As usual, I got a few things going on behind the scenes. My desktop computer of 10 years died at the start of this month (what timing, huh?) and so I’m transferring everything over to my new laptop. Luckily my external HD backup was about two months ago so I didn’t lose much.

Exciting stuff on the horizon though, but I’m going to keep silent until things are ready.

My focus right now is on *Significant Action while keeping a presence*, which means I don’t want to recede into the background and I also don’t want to spin my wheels just talking about stuff.

Staying active online is out of my comfort zone (I tend to take hiatuses to clear my mind) but it’s something I want to do. I don’t want to ghost every time I need to deep-focus on a project. I want to be here for you readers, whether that means more concentrated time on Twitter or engaging more via blog posts or emails. Tell me if you have a preference.

Next Update will be sometime in October/November.