Publication! + Music

It’s finally happened; My first publication. 🎉 Available on Smashwords, releasing on January 6, 2017 for 0.99¢!

In celebration of this wonderful start to the New Year, I want to share my musical playlist that I used while preparing I, the One.

This is my short story I’ve been mentioning/posting about for the past year or so (maybe longer). I’m very excited that it’s finally moved past the point of editing and revising and double-checking, triple-checking, quadruple-checking.

I decided to go with a much more demure self-made cover than some of the covers I tried out. I changed the title a couple times. Something about the simplicity spoke to me and I feel it is an accurate representation of the piece; at least for the first edition, lol.

Calling it a first edition gives me the freedom to add a new cover later on if I feel like it or if I want to print it into a traditional hard copy instead of purely digital… but until then, people can read and enjoy (or avoid me like the plague… y’know, either/or).

Here are the Synopses (long and short) I decided to finally go with, and no fear! I plan on doing a quick summary version of the info I wrote about Smashwords last year for easier reading and some other details.

Welcome to the Other Side, where the strong-willed rule over the weak and souls are hunted and captured. Novice soul, Niman, is unsure of his purpose and follows his Guide, Hanhoka. He is forced within etheric dimensions and faced with the dilemma of protecting his apprentice’s soul. Told through the eyes of Niman, he must remember reality before it is too late.

Told through novice soul Niman’s eyes, surreal purpose is sought in an etheric reality where souls are hunted.

All of the music on the playlist I found after I wrote the first draft of I, the One and listened to while revising and editing, whenever I’d develop the piece.

To be upfront, I wrote the first draft in mostly silence and then later found supporting music that I felt deeply resonated with the intention of the work. Fair warning; it’s pretty chill so you might fall asleep while listening.

Here is THE PLAYLIST 👈 👈 👈

Enjoy and please read the sample of I, the One and if you enjoy it, consider purchasing! It’d be a great support. 💓


(oh my gosh, this is apparently my 100th post on my blog too! What a coincidence!)



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