NaNoWriMo16: Update 03

I’m behind on NaNo, but with a little over a week left… either I’ll finish the thing or I won’t. I made a guest post on Clockword Clouds (first guest post ever) about the very thing and expressed that I still expect to “win” even though I’m behind, and I’m standing by that. Buuuut… I’m also not about to lament if I fall short by a few thousand.

My mind has been preoccupied ever since the election completely derailed my focus (as can be seen by five straight days of nothing). In addition, early this month, I decided to completely go off caffeine after a daily 4-shot espresso habit for months.

I’m dealing with bouts of brain fog. I blame it on no longer having coffee to rely on for a quick up (the power of stimulants, y’kno) and poor sleep due to busy dreams that’ve been harassing me for the past couple of weeks. I’m sticking to my guns though and am getting my body off all substances that devolve into dependency – exceptions being food, vitamins, and water.

Recently, I decided to give Scrivener a try and spent the last couple of days going over tutorials. It’s both intimidating and exciting because Scrivener’s features are exactly what I’ve been needing for the past year.

I’ve got my classic fantasy of about 268+ pages that I have high hopes for what Scrivener might be able to do for that manuscript. Especially since I had to drop it because the size was incredibly difficult to manage while editing/writing. Word kept freezing while I worked on it and that was annoying enough for me to focus on my short story for the time being while I tried to figure out better ways to handle the scope and size of what I’m doing. In my opinion, it’s still a mess of a manuscript even though it’s way further than from where it started. Maybe another year or two… or three… of work… *sigh*

There’s also the Speculative Fantasy that I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, that I would love to finish… just love to get it done and put it behind me. Because it deserves to be finished, but it doesn’t deserve to drag out 3… 5… 10 more years of fretful rewriting. I think I could theoretically finish that one within the next year if I paid enough attention to make some hard creative decisions that I’ve been avoiding.

For NaNo, there’s only 31,911 words left to write – that’s only 2,901 words per day. :P Considering I’m writing this NaNo novel without any prior planning what-so-ever and still haven’t done a single iota of outlining, I’m pretty okay with my odds. It’s totally opposite of last year’s NaNo though. All it would take is pumping out a few 4k-8k days, if I can find the focus, willingness, time and energy to sit down and just do it. I have to fight through my brain fog and not succumb to imbiding caffiene or other substances to do so. I plan on managing it, so… Take that, alcoholic/caffienated author stereotypes!

My partner and I went on a hike the other day (good timing too since 24 hours later it was all covered in snow), saw a couple of white-tail deer and some interesting trees in an abandoned valley. There was a lovely tree in the middle of the valley that was part dead and part living still, the living part having sprouted out of the dead part. It’s amazing what you can find from wandering off woodland trails behind cemeteries.

As for my NaNo novel itself and the contents within, I’ve reached the point where I’m unsure whether I want to continue adding in new characters or if I want to start going further in-depth with the fairly small cast I have now.

I love having a large number of characters because I feel it’s representative of how vast and diverse the world can be, but I also don’t want primary characters for the specific story to get lost in the mire. On further thought, it’d be a lot easier to catch up on my word count if I went wild with adding characters in. However, right now, I want to focus on delving deeper into the characters I already have and the issues they face.

So far, I have aliens, robots, royalty, dying civilizations, and demons… just a few of my favorite things. :P



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