NaNoWriMo16: Update 02

Not to copy a common phrase, but… It’s been a long night/morning.

My current word count is at 11,728, which is 3,272 short of where I need to be for the daily count, and there are two reasons for that.

The first reason is a terrible headache that refused to let me write on Saturday, which I made up the loss in the following two days; 1,935 words on Sunday and 2,825 on Monday.

The second reason is the election. I took a nap earlier in the day and ended up watching the election results come in due to how close and unprecedented it was. While I won’t go into it since it is a very sensitive subject, I will say that I did not expect the outcome!

Anyways, so that’s why I am down in word count. I haven’t slept yet, so I don’t know if I’m going to have time to write specifically today or not… or if I’ll have to start making up for the delay tomorrow. I, also, don’t know if I’m going to actually sleep soon or if I might get the urge to write on my novel instead.

Sometimes, I find when I am sleep-deprived that the impulse to edit goes away and it’s easier to tap into the subconscious drive.

Times like these usually are either; I’m too drained to think of words, or I mishmash fairly nonsensical sentences that I’ll later edit to make sense due to my shorthands that I have to keep note of what in the fuck I meant – shorthands like [adjective] for when I want an adjective, but I can’t decide on one in the moment and etc. – or I write like the wind, pumping out words for better or worse until I nearly pass out and finally go to sleep.

So, I don’t know which one of those will pan out. I am pretty tired, but also have a fair amount of energy from the night’s events and some inspiration lingering from my last writing session. Perhaps I’ll watch The Sopranos and let my brain rest, then tackle it tomorrow morning with a rested mind. :3

EDIT (12:12 am): I ended up sleeping for about 5-6 hours and didn’t end up writing at all, which is fine. I’ll get to it sometime later today or tomorrow… not quite done sleeping, I have more than a few hours to catch up on. I just wanted to add that I haven’t used shorthand on my NaNo manuscript at all except once so far to let me know I want to switch out another word later – I don’t really like to use shorthand in NaNo unless it’s necessary to just keep momentum going. I prefer to choose a throw-away word and then use brackets to let myself know that I’m going to change it later when I edit.

Also, hello to new followers! ♥ Thanks for following~

Because I enjoyed making it so much, here is the prompt list again. ^_^


Also, I’m open to requests about what you want me to share on this blog. Comment with what you’re curious about! ♥



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