33 Word Prompts! + #NaNoWriMo16 – Update 01

It’s the fourth day of NaNoWriMo! My count is currently at 5,165 words, which sounds small, but there are about four scenes within that word count. I’ve been writing before I sleep, so the count is behind for the day. It should be around 6,842 before I go to bed tonight.

Anyways, I’m still using a combination of linear spontaneity mixed with consistent daily word count. There are now five major characters and three minor. So far, it’s been very enjoyable. It’s a similar world to the universe in my short story (and corresponding novel), but is definitely it’s own thing too. All of the characters are brand-new for me. It’ll be interesting to see how they shape and evolve over the month.

Since I returned to WordPress after my 4-month hiatus, I’ve been wanting to share a word prompt list. This is the first prompt visual aid I’ve ever made.

Prompts are fun exercises and can be a great source of inspiration, offering concepts that a writer might not have thought to explore.

I chose a couple words for their multiple meanings, so they can be incorporated into writing however or even, all of the meanings could be encompassed as an extra challenge.

If you like and/or use my prompts, I’d appreciate a like on this post and/or pingback/comment with where or how you used it.

Also, I’m open to requests about what you want me to share on this blog. Comment with what you’re curious about! ♥



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