#NaNoWriMo16 – Update 00

Yup; I’m doing another year of NaNoWriMo. ♥ ♥ ♥

I’ve got 917 words so far, just before I head to bed and that’s pretty okay considering I had absolutely nothing planned or outlined beforehand except a silly filler title and description for the NaNo site itself.

Funny coincidence though… before I started writing and fully decided to commit to NaNo this year, I decided to label the project under postmodernism genre for the fun of it and went with a simple line; “A story about something unlike all those stories about nothing.

Not a lot of thought went into it… but skip forward a few hours when a new manuscript is started for NaNo. I start writing and 440 words in, the introductory character is named Nothing. Not because I planned for that, just because that’s what happened. That’s what insisted to be written and included, nothing else felt right to keep the narrative flowing at the time.

So, I don’t know where this manuscript is headed. On the first word, I was thinking I might want to do a modern contemporary piece, but at the 600 mark, it’s already “fantasy” or whatever including extraterrestrials is.

My plan is simply to write 1666 (give or take) words per day consistently and not worry too much about this or that, as long as I’m enjoying the act of writing. I’m on-point for that much!

…even if it’s a story about Nothing. ✿



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