Just Keep Swimming – NaNo15

Day 09 of NaNoWriMo.

Current Word Count: 18,360.

I did it. I wrote over 4538 words yesterday (specifically, I wrote 4935). It wasn’t easy, but it was fairly simple. And it got my novella that much closer to being finished.

That makes today’s goal; 4140 words.

For my novella’s progress, it is doing well. I have written at least a snippet of a scene for every chapter with the exception of the epilogue/teaser (which I’m still considering writing or not).

Some tasks I want to complete to finish my novella draft…

  1. Name the Cast. (Right now, I’ve been writing with [x], [y], [z], and [i]. It’s about time these characters got their names!)
  2. Add some setting flair here and there amongst the narrative. (The characters feel kind of isolated, I want them to feel like they’re actually in a living world).
  3. Start possible cover development. (Since I’m self-publishing, I’ll be making my own cover, but first I have to research other covers that I like to figure out what style I want it in).
  4. Research Amazon Kindle self-publishing for Eroticas. (I’ve done this before, but refreshing it as I get closer to actually doing it would be a good idea).
  5. List possible pen-names. (I really want to find a pun that’ll make a lot of people groan, honestly.)
  6. Create new Social Media accounts for my Erotica Authorship. (Maybe.)
  7. Draft a back-of-cover summary/abstract, an excerpt, sample pages, and a slogan.
  8. Research and list tags/keywords for Amazon purposes.
  9. Breathe.

It’s important for me to keep in mind that this novella is practice, it’s meant to break me out of ‘i’m-not-published’ mentality and shunt me forward into ‘i’ve-been-published-now-what’ mentality in the hope that it will energize my efforts towards finishing my other manuscripts.

It is to empower me and in that exercise of empowerment, I understand that this novella will not be ‘the best ever’ and it might not get anywhere at all except the sea of those like it, but it will exist and it will be mine and I can continue building from there.

In essence, writing and publishing a novella in the span of 4 weeks is my way of solidifying and creating a legitimate foundation to build from. While I’ve had this blog/social media accounts for over a year under Dominika Lein, due to the nature of social media, it is still very abstract. I could click a few buttons and all of it be gone. For instance, when I tried to switch over to a different pen-name and that failed horribly though.

But if I had something published as well? I don’t know if that would be the case… but I’d like to find out.



Side-note: It’s amusing to read my post from this exact day, last year.