The Afternoon After – NaNo15

Day 02 of NaNoWriMo.

Current Word Count: 3061.

In NaNoWriMo culture, there is a dichotomy between what is called a ‘Pantser’ and a ‘Planner’. Basically, panster means writing by “the seat of your pants” and planner means planning by the seat of your pants… wait, no. Uhm…

Anyways, I greatly enjoy the concept of being a Percolator, though, I utilize techniques seen in all three of these generalized terms.

For my BNN (Brand New Novel), I have decided to ‘Pants’ the bulk of it. Every day when writing on BNN, I will sit down and pick up where I left off, linearly writing a stream of consciousness wherever it might lead. I do not expect this novel to be a book to share right away, but I am interested to see what comes to mind, what I process through the narrative and what pathways will appear to further exploration at a later time.

So far, after the first 2000 words of my BNN yesterday, I have written a pretentious foreward and a rather odd parable about a mouse and a snake, moving on to a satirical-tinged piece which I will be picking up again today.

Despite my sentiment towards the MRD manuscript, I have not started writing new material for it. I edited the first chapter and by the end, felt very self-conscious. The issue with the manuscript being so… great, I suppose, to me, is that I feel an immense amount of internal critical pressure. Not only to make it perfect, but to avoid ridicule placed upon it. It’s a strange feeling, really, because I have often been the sort that believes taking oneself too seriously can do more harm than good for the merit of an artwork. It is important to have a dash of frivolity, a bit of bacchanalia to temper the ingrained societal idea that “books change the world” and “what we write is sacrosanct” because taking a personal idea so seriously… it removes the aspect of Play, an aspect which I believe is essential to allowing the universe to naturally influence the work and create bonding symbology instead of forceful definitions.

It’s a thought I am still thinking about, however. Balancing a serious nature with a playful nature, and which nature decisions stem from, and how each influences an artwork is something that I think about on frequent occasion.

So, I have not begun writing on MRD yet.

Instead, I’ve decided to make a slight change in the structure of my workflow. Instead of working on my old fantasy manuscript (I will get to that in December), I am going to push myself to write AND publish a novella during November as well. The writing will most definitely be the easy part and I’m about 1000 words in.

For this novella, I will be pantsing most of it. In actuality, the only Planned one is MRD and that one definitely has an outline.

I’m swinging back and forth between how I feel about sharing my works with other people. I know I want to, on one level, share it with everyone. On another level, I’m not entirely sure. And on another, I have a nagging sensation that I should be selfish and prideful, and never share my manuscripts with anyone. But that’s such a lonely existence, it’s so dragging and isolating, how could I want that for myself?

Well, I suppose I better get writing for the day. My sleep schedule is a bit odd, staying up late, waking up late. I’m nursing an injury in my foot, so I’m annoyingly back-ridden as I cannot put pressure/weight on it. It makes for writing to be a little awkward as after a while my neck starts to hurt and my shoulders strain from trying to write at the pace I’m accustomed to (my WPM is 80+) and if I don’t want a headache, I have to give myself breaks I wouldn’t otherwise take.

Regardless, my goal is to match yesterday’s count of about 3000, starting with my stream of consciousness BNN and then whatever count is left-over for my novella. I might also start prepping MRD notes and create a plan of attack to start writing new material for it next week.

Hi ho, hi ho…