The Night Before – NaNo’15

Day -01 (until) NaNoWriMo 2015.

I feel overwhelmed. But I have felt this way for months. Travel, uncertainty in housing, surviving in America in a strained economic bracket, navigating the fourth year of commitment with a partner who I love, and still working on my manuscripts, pushing myself to hurry up and get closer to actually finishing something that is capable of being published – something that I feel proud to publish, rather than concerned.

Perhaps that pride is idealistic though. How am I supposed to tell when it is right for me to publish? Of course, whenever I do publish – that will be when it is right. But then, what should I publish? I have so many manuscripts right now, but not enough in my limited perspective and the manuscripts I do have don’t feel complete.

But oh, how I want to complete something and share it with the world.

I want to share my art with those who will resonate with it, an offering to niche communities within expansive humanity; an offering to define consciousness, for the willing to contemplate certain concepts in our reality through creative processing.

This is why I write. This is why I am still writing even though I feel overwhelmed and my life has been burdened with various stresses.

Following this emotional understanding, MRD feels like it must be my #1 priority from all of my manuscripts.

I didn’t know this until a couple days ago, though I’ve been considering it for a while (often when I’m lying in bed, trying to sleep), that MRD has to be complete and available to read before I die… that if I don’t do that, I will regret it in after-death. That feeling isn’t the same for any of my other manuscripts.

I’ve been working on MRD since 2013. Some simple information about MRD; I have a couple working titles that are variations on each other, but MRD is the name I shall use within the blog for now. It is a Speculative Fantasy and set IN space and is dramatic, so I like to call it a Space Opera though it would not be considered one in the classic genre sense. The font I use for the rough draft is Audiowide, though I recently switched it to Times New Roman for editing. I started the draft with a complete outline and thinly woven understanding of the story before starting to write.

One of the themes in MRD is testing/playing with the limits of perception and comprehension. There is One Main Protagonist (male), but a number of important secondary characters that surround him. I have only ever shared Chapter One with a creative writing class before – I regret sharing it with the few people because I should have kept it to myself until it was a complete work. The likelihood that any of those few will remember it or come across my book once it’s published is a small percentage, though.

What I HAVE to Do to be ready for writing on November 1st

  1. Create a Copy of the most recently worked draft of MRD in Word. Save it to Desktop. Rename with NaNo15 within the title.
  2. Save Back-Ups of this Draft to Google Drive and USB Flashdrive.
  3. Find Paper Notes and Old Manuscript. Organize on desk.
  4. Tidy/Organize Desk!!! (lol, a constant process, really.)
  5. Start a New Document, title VOMIT_NaNo2015, save to desktop and Drive (having an updated copy of my manuscripts on drive allows me to switch between writing on my desktop and laptop.)

So, my focus this coming month is going to be [MRD <- VOMIT <- SC].

I’m feeling ready now.

totally ready for NaNo’15

Good luck fellow NaNo-ers!!!