Pre-Game – NaNo’15

Day -02 (until) NaNoWriMo.

I’m getting closer to knowing exactly what I’ll be doing, come November 1.

Framework So Far:

From November 1 to November 30, 2015, Write 75,000 Words Total.


  1. What Manuscripts will be working on?; 1. MRD (Speculative fantasy), 2. Stolen Control (NaNo’14 project, still going), 3. Vomit Draft of a Brand New Novel that will be written raw in November!
  2. How will you split up the words between manuscripts? I will alternate on a weekly schedule, for four schedules in total. Starting on Week One, I will be focusing on MRD and VOMIT (as I will call my BNN). I will bring Stolen Control for a couple days maybe out of each week.
  3. What will be your pre-writing ritual? Tidy my desk. Drink coffee/tea. Listen to the 98hour playlist I just created or one of my many writing playlists.
  4. What will be your post/pre-pre writing rituals? Surround the wall behind me with inspiring artwork that I will print upon hitting every 5k words! I should have at least 15 images upon finishing. Eat a healthy meal or go out to eat.

Things I Still Should Maybe Do in the coming 2 Prep Days:

  1. Set up Alternate Writing Spots in bedroom and kitchen.
  2. Create a priority tasklist for any creative tasks that need to be done soon.
  3. Collect comfortable, warm, layered clothing – lounge pants, sweater?
  4. Set up mood lighting around desk and writing areas.
  5. Relax.
  6. Find old MRD manuscript and any relevant note-work, prepare a desktop folder with necessary documents and files, and upload on cloud server somewhere for back-ups.
  7. Decide whether I will try to publish something in same month or not.