NaNoWriMo 2015


I will be participating.


I am sorry for not really posting any blogs before now.


I have excuses and reasons and what not for as to why…


I won’t be explaining any of that.


I will just be hopping right back on this blog simultaneously while going through the process of yet another NaNo year.

Last year I wrote 100,000 words on a novel I was working with. I have not finished that novel, though I would still like to and have gradually poked at it with a stick over the months. Before then, I wrote a 50,000 book in ’12.

This year, I’m not sure what I’m doing yet, but I plan to figure it out in the most ridiculous way possible – blogging about it for the entire week of prep (Oct. 25 – Oct. 31) until I feel like I made some kind of decision to go forward with on November 1.

For any readers, feel free to comment, ask question, dialogue. This isn’t necessarily a team-building exercise or anything, but that doesn’t mean I exist in a vacuum. I mean; I am using a blog! I do most of my process in private, this blog is my small attempt at sharing my work and creativity with other people for however it inspires or influences their own lives.