Blog 0022 – What’s in a Name?

This whole post is more of an update, than an exploration of any practice, skill, or thought.

After taking a short break and editing for the past couple of months, I have finished a detailed red-line edit of my manuscript and am planning on writing the absolutely final draft (aka submit-worthy) while implementing the red-line. Hopefully I will finish within the year and move on to perhaps find an agent who can help me find a suitable publisher, or alternatively, I will look to self-publishing depending on timing and intention.

I plan on publishing the first book in this series before writing the second book’s manuscript, so that I can gather reader responses and include their thoughts in how I present the second book. Meanwhile, I will give some attention to different-genre works that I have placed on the back-burner in order to finish this fantasy debut. Overall, there will be three books in the official fantasy series.

In other news, I have decided to switch my Pen Name since I am still in a good position to do so (before publications). The only downside is that this wordpress blog’s url still has my old one, but after looking over it all, it isn’t worth it to change at the moment. Besides, I’d much rather cater any future blogs to the work in question, instead of simply under my pen name.

More on the actual name, Dominika is much too feminine for me. While I was designated female upon birth, gender is a fluid experience for me and I want my authorship name to represent that. Then again, I am mutable, so it may change again… but eventually, once I have something published, that name will have to remain static… maybe… perhaps… Authors have a lot of freedom with pen names, the only risk seemingly being not gaining enough traction with audiences in recognizing the name and not knowing who you actually are.

In less mundane news, Terry Pratchett died recently. I am extremely sad over this loss. When I saw his twitter feed, a great amount of sorrow was brought forth by realizing he is no longer on this world with us. He’d always been a role model to me and definitely is one of the biggest inspirations that I draw from to inform my writing.

British novelist Terry Pratchett gives an interview

I, even, have been keeping Interesting Times next to my manuscript as a sort of totem to keep my momentum going and encourage me to finish. Especially during this last year, Pratchett has been a daily influence on my writing. He has been with me, in spirit through his books and stories, for my entire manuscript. When he died, I was only 20 pages from finishing my manuscript’s edit. I haven’t yet finished those 20 pages, but I will… I will. I am mourning his death greatly and can’t even imagine how those who were close to him might be feeling. I hope he had a good, and peaceful, death.

I would consider myself blessed to be able to reach the level of prolific wit and compelling stories that Sir Terry achieved during his life.

Dominika Finley (March 19)