NaNo 0007 – The Twenty-Sixth

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Title: Stolen Control

Current Word Count: 97,842 words.

Words Written Since Last Post: ~6000 words.

What I’m Working On: Pronoun Placement/Variety, POV, Plot Organization, Consistency, Preparing for Print.

Favorite Lines:


“What is this place?” Velimir asked, his nose scrunching at the sight of bleached bones stacked in elaborate structures around the caved earth.

“Demon nest,” explained Aurel, walking into the dip carefully and picking out a sword that had been rusted over. At the crater’s center, a small pool of rainwater had collected, “Abandoned from the look of it.”

“Be careful,” the Dame mentioned, patrolling the perimeter for signs of hostility.

Aurel scoffed immediately in response, “I’ve been in a demon nest before.”


Words Left to Write: ~63,000

Prepare for scrolling; I present to you a tiny rendition of Stolen Control’s manuscript via 43% in Microsoft Word…


And that concludes the NaNoWriMo portion of this blog. Well, maybe I’ll make a last day post about the entire experience, but maybe not.

I’m 6204 words away from meeting my end-of-the-month goal of 60k. Once I reach that point, I’ll be able to make a concluding statement about it all… speaking of which, I still have to do my 2000 words today. *flee*

Happy Slapsgiving!

Dominika (November 26)

P.S. Ha, I forgot about WordPress’s Auto-Preview for whatever image… so I tried to place a smaller feature image for the dash, but apologies to anyone who gets a long scroll image in their dash. Whoops.


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