NaNo 0006 – The Twenty-Second

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Title: Stolen Control

Current Word Count: 91,373 words.

Words Written Since Last Post: ~11,000 words.

What I’m Working On: Pronoun Placement/Variety, POV choices, Plot Organization, Consistency, Developing Gem system, Preparing for Print.

Favorite Lines:


Placing the stones in a dipped palm, Panni bit her lip, then spat blood on them. She whispered enchantments, magic spilling invisibly from her tongue onto the rocks. Ghostly copies of the pebbles drifted away from them, in the direction of the unsuspecting camp. Ethereal echoes shuddered into existence as a misted fog overlaid reality, dappled by the stone wraiths. A soft buzzing noise filled the area.


Words Left to Write: ~70,000 words

Today’s Jukebox: Michael Stearns, Erykah Badu, Dum Dum Girls, and Purity Ring.

I’ll be printing my manuscript soon, all 200 pages of it, now that I have so much more written. Having my manuscript in a traditional format is necessary for my process as I like to circle paragraphs and mix-match pages together, as well as being able to spread a chapter out and read it straight-on.

Printed drafts are one of the best ways to catch inconsistencies, repetitive words and paragraph starts. It can be difficult to emulate this on a digital screen because there are no tangible pages to be written upon and literally moved about.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling a lot less overwhelmed then last week. I’ve moved onto a… blindly waving my arms about as I stumble through mist… type of feeling. Thus, why printing will be soon because the feeling is from being confused at what exact point I’m at in the book while writing, which is one of the downsides to writing specific scenes instead of writing in a linear fashion.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Dominika (November 22)


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