NaNo 0005 – The Eighteenth

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Title: Stolen Control

Current Word Count: 80,339 words.

Words Written Since Last Post: ~6,000 words.

What I’m Working On: Name Directory (found father’s name, wewt), Royal Lineages, Pronoun Placement/Variety, POV choices, Reveal/Exposition Consistency, Flow Breakdown Organization.

Favorite Lines: 


“What?” The thief continued to laugh, “You’re going to cast a spell on me?”

The mage’s eyes narrowed, his lips set tight and the muscles in his jaw twitched as his cheeks sunk into a gaunt expression. He breathed sharply through his nose. A colorless mist rose from around his fingers.

Without warning, the thief pushed him, slamming the spellcaster into the nook’s slanted corner. The mist dissipated, the spell instantly halted. Anger etched on the caster’s pallor features. He started to repeat the expression from before, visibly concentrating. Mist rose again.

The thief slapped him across the cheek. The mist dissipated. “If only you were a good mage,” he insulted, “maybe your spells would actually be useful.” 


Words Left to Write: ~80,000 words.

Today’s Jukebox: Nox Arcana, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Otep, and Headspace.

I put together an updated POV sheet and Overall, for this novel, there are ten POV characters, but the protagonist has the bulk of sections (around 3x as much).

But in other news, ugh.

The last couple of days, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed.

Despite breaking the story down in a number of ways, it still strikes me as overwhelming because consciously or not, I’m aware there is work to be done and though I’ve hit NaNo’s halfway mark, I’m nowhere near my personal halfway mark and I’m not referring to word count, because I am halfway for my own wc, but I mean finality of the novel – a publishable draft to do what I will with.

So, there is a battle being waged between my perfectionism and my impatience.

Also, my literal writing time got switched from early morning hours to the afternoon, which is a difficult time to write with impassioned energy for me.

But, here’s the thing; Yes, I’m overwhelmed. I have a ton of werk to be done, a multidimensional world to explore with a fine-tooth comb, a ridiculous amount of stories within that world to… discover, shuffle, present in an entertaining format and keep consistent, while maintaining linear exposition and establishing efficient grammar…

It seems overwhelming because it is my first time independently creating a complete novel instead of rough stories here and there, dreams and visions that meander about, or collaborative character sketches (roleplaying).

16 days ago though, the situation was the same; there was all that and even more to be done. Guess what? Spoiler alert; I am farther along than where I was two weeks ago because I haven’t, and won’t, give in to the overwhelming sensation like I used to. I used to get to that point and disconnect from the work, go off and derp around with something else until I didn’t feel overwhelmed, but also didn’t feel connected. In the past month, I’ve written/rewritten over 40,000 words. Now, all I have to do… is write 2x 40,000 more!

So, even though I could wallow in the overwhelmed sensation, I’d rather focus my energy on finding untapped points of inspiration and develop greater patience by fostering a ludic atmosphere for my writing.

A practice I undergo to stimulate inspiration is creating specific theme playlists for POV characters, giving each a distinct flavor and style that I can immerse myself in. This requires having a ranged music library, but I have found great inspiration from this in the past and still employ it. This practice can also help discover parts of characters that were otherwise kept in the melting pot that is the story.

Anyways, I’ve still got 2000 words to write today and I gotta get to it! The next few days will be dedicated to POV, pronouns, and world/story consistency.

Dominika (November 18)


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