NaNo 0004 – The Fourteenth

Previous NaNoPosts: The 6th, 9th, 12th.

Title: Stolen Control

Current Word Count: 74,140 words.

Words Written Since Last Post: ~4,000 words.

What I’m Working On: Everything. Okay, so maybe not everything, but today is dedicated to a complete overhaul of my notes (mainly so I can find some and also, have them organized for the next 30k). I’ve started on the name directory, though because I decided to do it on paper, it takes considerably more time than doing it in an excel spreadsheet. Still, it has already come in handy for today’s writing, so I plan to gradually finish it within the next couple of weeks.

Favorite Lines: 


“Get away from me!” Emil screamed, wildly thrashing in the rogue guard’s arms. His heart raced, survival instincts kicking in as the urchin sunk a bite into the man’s forearm. His teeth ground painfully against chainmail. The arm underneath shifted, scraping the corners of his mouth and filling it with blood.

Removing his lips, he tilted his head back and gasped as the Crawler gripped the underside of his jaw to hold it at a sharp, vertical angle. Blood trickled from his lips into his throat causing him to gag and cough, unable to move beyond frantic twists that allowed his captor to hold him tighter.

It seemed to last an unbearable amount of time, but then Emil was spun out and away without warning. Losing his balance, he fell onto the ground. Retching blood and water, the shocked urchin desperately crawled to gain further distance from his attacker.


Words Left to Write: ~86,000 words.

Jukebox Highlights: Lana Del Rey, Maya Jane Coles, Paul Winter Consort, and Cosmic Orient.

Today, I focused on setting descriptions again. Focusing on dialogue the last few days made me feel like the story is now unbalanced with heavy dialogue and not enough non-dialogue interplay. Will be working on trying to create a balance for the next few days and revving my brain up for working on PoV issues next week.

Hit the 30k mark on my monthly 60k goal! Wewt.

Dominika (November 14)