NaNo 0003 – The Twelfth

Title: Stolen Control

Current Word Count: 70,119 words.

Words Written Since Last Post: ~9,000 words.

What I’m Working On: Mostly the same, I’ll be writing the name lists today though whether to make the list digital or traditional or both is something I need to decide. Got a couple towns to map still. I’ve made some progress on the ocean description, there are certain mineral composition issues that I’m figuring out how exactly that would appear to the eyes in this world. Also, have been focusing on some tie-ins and the timing of particular reveals within the story and keeping consistency. Maintaining consistency is currently the hardest part of writing this novel.

Favorite Lines: 


“I’m just here for a chat, dear.” He smiled, twirling the knife between his fingers with trained intent. Without his Kraken armor, he looked completely different. Instead of a sturdy pillar of order, he resembled the Mercenaries of the Deep; criminals and killers that’d do anything for a shiny bit of treasure and promise of power, no matter how shrouded in titles or schemes it might come.


Words Left to Write: ~90,000 words.

Today is a Classical Day for my Jukebox with compositions from Bach, Vivaldi, F.B. Conti, Tartini, Tchaikovsky and of course, Prokofiev.

Yesterday, I focused on length of dialogue and the exposition of character thoughts through discussions of varying emotions. I tend towards shorter, concise dialogue, but there is something about long monologues that has a certain effect. Still, I don’t foresee myself becoming the type of author that uses a character for three-four pages explaining backstory to another character, mostly because when I come across that as a reader, my patience wanes.

My grammar has been stilted for what I’ve written in the past few days and the sections will need strong rewriting later, but I got the words down and am glad about that.

Another issue I’ve been dealing with while writing this novel is pronoun placements and how to not let my manuscript be burdened by constant Name/Pronoun usage. There are also some genderqueer characters and so deciding how to handle that is sticky. I suppose world-building some on the cultures and what a Female / Male is defined as within the particular world would be some work that might help.

Anyways, overall, things are going well and I have hit NaNoWriMo’s half-way (25k) mark today, though my personal half-way mark for the month is 30k, which I should reach in the next 3 days.

Dominika (November 12)