NaNo 0002 – The Ninth

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Title: Stolen Control

Current word count: 60,831 words.

Words written since last post: ~6,000 words.

What I’m Working On: Still haven’t found that ancestor notesheet, starting to resign myself to rediscovering/reclaiming names and potentially creating a Name Repository for the world. Been drafting mini-maps of what each village/city looks like that they pass by so I’m aware of the directional location of gates and how many inns exist there. I’ve been overly frustrated with describing landscapes, especially making the description of a Bay distinctive from a description of an Ocean. Landscape descriptions, with no narrative or character to guide it, are some of the most difficult things for me to smoothly write at times.

Favorite Lines:

(no spoilers… mystery and all that.)



“How dare you treat me this way!” Taguhi shrilly responded, reactively drawing her lips into a scrunched pout, “I am your sister and the Lady of this family!”

Resisting the temptation to roll his eyes, Vahan crossed his arms, “Well, well, in that case,” He shrugged, gesturing down the hall, “Go on your merry way and get yourself killed by flapping that dreadful tongue of yours. It’ll be no one’s fault, but your own and there’ll be no one to save you, especially not me.”

She scoffed, walking past with clenched fists gripping her skirts. Anger blotched her face and neck. Frustrated tears rolled down from her eyes. Her voluminous black hair whipped about as a breeze came through the hall windows. Grabbing onto her shimmering red scarf, she made certain the precious item wouldn’t blow away.

“Sister!” Vahan called, not following, but watching, “Don’t be so ugly!”

“No!” She shouted over her shoulder as she kept walking, “Do not speak with me until you remember your place.” With the ultimatum stated, she sprinted the rest of the way and disappeared into her room, slamming the door behind her.

Vahan looked around again, surveying the halls. Still, there was no one around. Yet, he had the sensation of being watched. Hands on his hips, he looked up at the ceiling. He couldn’t see anything, but that didn’t mean nothing was there.



Words Left to Write: ~100k.

My jukebox will be playing today: Cocteau Twins, Vanessa Daou, Emiliana Torrini, Jessica Curry, Eivør, and yeah, some Gustavo Cerati.

Good Morning, WP…

coffee coffee coffee time

The other day I had an influx of inspiration for other projects – more than I could ever do – but I kept imagining certain TV script projects, also comic book and game scripts… pretty much anything Scripts that could be completed within a year. I’m a n00b at screenplay writing though, which is why I’m not doing them (yet). I suppose I’m also a n00b at fantasy writing, but when it comes to fiction/novels, I don’t feel like a n00b, I feel like I’m picking up where I left off. The struggle with finishing my current novel is straight-up stamina, having the focus and energy to write/rewrite/craft… but earlier today, while I was rereading to find my favorite line from the last few days, I was reminded that I am creating something…

…no, not just something, I am Creating a World… no, not even that. By being an author, I am creating Universes… and I enjoy it, like a lot. If I could expand my worlds into all mediums, well, I think that’s an exciting prospect because it would be awe-inspiring and beautiful to me in a similar way that the mountains are taller than my own perceptions and the oceans deeper than our collective subconscious. They inspire appreciation and in being an author-artist, that’s what I aim for.

See, NaNoWriMo has got me on a schedule now, which seems to be working so far, but by having a schedule, everything revolves around it because my sleep becomes attuned to that period of time where I’m writing on my draft. My writing becomes more of my Everything, a central focus where my mind and heart of the momentary day is placed upon the page.

but in such a good way.

So, when I have bursts of inspiration, it is difficult not to spend a day trying to sort them out and write them down for future reference. Once I had gotten all of the ideas out of my system, I returned to being relaxed in my element of steadily building a novel.

Another idea I had though, other than script possibilities, was for an erotica novella. I started writing the first chapter and have no idea if I’ll ever revisit it. But I named it Cherry Red… and isn’t that a cute name for a lesbian erotica novella?

Also, played around with some Unity tutorials… but it is not in my fates to be a 3d animator/developer… not in the next decade, at least. Stared at some javascript code for around 10 minutes, felt productive and went back to writing.

I’m not sure what I’m going to write for my 2000 words, though I’m going to complete them after this (included in the count though because it’s a for-certain), and am feeling in the mood for a calmer scene, something elongated and lulling. Perhaps a few travel paragraphs.

Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to three movies; The Hobbit (2!), Jupiter Ascending, and Horns. Maybe some Ex Machina~ Also, about 147 days until Game of Thrones. (This is why we don’t compare, right?)

*nod nod* hm… hm, hm.

Also, I’ve been considering getting an Author Tumblr because… lol.

But I have a feeling I’d spam it to hell and gone.

So, no.

Back to writing for me.

Have an excellent day.

Dominika (November 9)