NaNo 0001 – The Sixth

NaNoWriMo posts are separate from general blog posts and serve as an organizing space for my efforts through the space of November. I’ll be using Victoria Davenport’s snapshot as a template.

To summarize my place in NaNo; 2014 is my second time participating. Instead of finishing a sole novel draft in the space of November, this year I am drafting the bulk of my debut Fantasy novel. I started on the first with around 35k words and plan to complete 60k by the 30th. At 95-100k, my manuscript will be at the final sections, expected to be completed in December.

Title: Stolen Control

Current word count: 54,480 words (including outline and chapter title words, it’s easier to do than trying to count the in-between prose since I am layering outline with prose currently, this will be the base for future updates).

Words written this week: 14,000 words.

What I’m Working On: I lost a notesheet of ancestor names that I’m trying to recall, it has a father’s name that’s needed. Drafting a Spell-Map, trying to wrap up loose ends in the way of the Macguffin. I’m focusing on Part Two (there are four parts) and attempting to balance location/setting description with dialogue-conversations. I’ve also been world-building the southern kingdom, even though that won’t exactly be needed until the sequel… there are a few characters that are introduced in SC that are based in the kingdom instead, so having a basic understanding is nice. ALSO, have been developing the magic system itself and dimensional structure of the world mechanics.

Favorite Lines:

(this was hard to pick because I’m loathe to give away spoilers… so I tried not to give too much away by my choice, I appreciate mystery and all that.)




Panni looked at Vida and started to cry. Tears trickled over her cheeks, slipping into the corners of her mouth. She reached out, hugging the thin woman close.

Vida returned the hug, nestling her cheek into the other elf’s neck, she smelt of peppermint, “We’ll be okay,” she whispered.

“I know,” murmured Panni, kissing her lightly on the lips, “For what it’s worth, I’ll still miss you.”

“It’s worth everything,” answered the bard, “please, don’t go.”

“You know I have to. I need to, want to, get them over the border,” she caressed her partner’s cheek, “Then, things will go back to normal. I promise.”




Words Left to Write: Hahahahahaha…. hahahahaha… hahahaaaa T_T’ Otherwise known as ~150k. Still, enjoying the story and looking forward to my next 2000 words after I post this. *cracks knuckles and warms coffee*

My jukebox will be playing today: Devin Townsend, Enya, Tori Amos, Oh Land, Alexandre Desplat, maybe some Danzig, okay, definitely a little Lucifuge, I’m going to be writing a chase scene today…. I’ve also been watching a lot of Sons of Anarchy on the side and playing Archeage. Currently, I’m in “WRITE HARD, PLAY HARD” mode, it’s a good momentum to have.

Dominika (November 6)