Blog 0018 – Inspirational Interlude

Many things inspire me. Life inspires me. Death inspires me. Existence inspires me. The realms of thought and matter, they inspire me. The sky, the ground, all around, everything is inspiring.


I wanted to take a moment to pause and admire some specific inspirations of mine that can be shared. This time, I won’t focus on music, but visual art instead. Specifically, concept art.

Concept art and visual aids have a depth of inspiration that is supportive to fleshing characters out and creating a world with a focus on evoking mood – something an author of fiction should consider exploring, I think.

Magic the Gathering has always been a great inspiration to me, specifically the illustrations that accompany the gaming system. My family was a MtG family and we used to play together, I was raised to play the game. I still get in a game now and then.

The technique of crafting a work as a means of intersection between the visual arts and the literary arts is common now-a-days, but when I was young, I would often write stories about the worlds and lives I saw being lived behind those still images, portraits, snapshots of a world elsewhere, in a different place, space, not anything like the world here – but yet, so resonate of it.

WotC has gone on to influence many talented artists to bring concepts to life in portraits of fantastical worlds. As an author, this is something I want to be able to capture in my books.


Cynthia Sheppard is one that I wish I could post all of her works, most of which are quite recent and I’m sure the following years will bring only greater pieces of fantastical quality.

Classical fantasy has always been supported by great imagery and high quality, advancing styles of caricature and beauty, attempts to evoke awe-inspiring resonance. I invite you to explore freely on your own the immense depth of inspiration that this provides to the developing writer; click here and go to images, or go to a site, explore.


This piece by Michael Komarck is particularly inspiring to me, the diagonal angles and shapes created by the shawl correspond with the direction of her gaze, to her hand, which trails upwards into a gorgeous pattern, a sigil of magic represented in metal beside tiers evoking towers and then, as if a ghost, we realize the fountain is covering the painting in light behind the framed woman. The lines and active directions are gorgeous.

I believe there is a lot to be gained from inviting visual arts into the literary field. Illustrations are not rare and graphic novels still maintain a place in the publishing environment.

There is a fine line between having a short story and having a graphic novel… that line is called the artist.

Comics have always been inspiring to me. I’m not a collector by any means, but I enjoy them when I get my hands on them. I used to go to the library each day until they closed just to read Elfquest and X-men.


Wendy and Richard Pini are definitely influential and inspirational artists of mine. I love reading the descriptive dialogue and narratives while taking in the beautiful imagery of fantastical proportions, evocative of subconscious archetypes. And it is great story-telling.

So, those are some of my visual art inspirations and influences. There’s many more and maybe I’ll share further another time.


Halloween is Coming.

Dominika (October 17)