4 thoughts on “Status: Return

  1. I get disappointed every time I receive a rejection letter from my writing as well. However, the key is to never give up. I truly believe there is a place for one’s work.

  2. In my mind I’m thinking rejection won’t be so bad, but I think once I get the actual rejection letters I might feel a bit sad. Guess I won’t know until it happens though. Writing is fairly subjective, so perhaps keep the piece for a bit, and then look at it in a few months. Maybe you’ll see something that you didn’t see before. I feel like I’m learning a lot through Circle Critique. It’s not perfect, but it’s helped me reshape my short stories and take them in different directions. Some of the things several people pointed out were things I hadn’t even considered, like my overuse of adverbs, but upon thinking about it, I realized they were right. The nice thing about short stories is you can always just write another one. Awesome that you are so close to finishing your novel. Kudos for focusing on the positive, and letting go of the negative. It’s something I’m working on :)

    • Yes, it isn’t so bad, even though having to see a rejection is a bit disappointing since it’s literally a rejection. If only I could write short stories as fast as I can think of them… I have an awful case of the revision-bug when it comes to short stories, so I’m constantly going over them instead of finishing. And I have a ton of work to do still on my novel, but I’m close to when I want to be finished, ehehheh… and for sure NaNo will be a great platform to pump the rest out.

      *tosses positive pansies all over the place*

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