Blog 0013 – Purity of Intent

It’s been almost 2 months since this blog started.

Now seems like a good point to revisit the purpose of this blog.

I currently blog about writing because I want to find my limitations, share my (assuredly, uninteresting) process, prepare the foundation for an author platform to grow, and build a relevant understanding about writerly techniques/perspectives.

Posts about Writing are meant to share my approach to issues within, and around, writing. Anyone who can gleam helpful ideas from these posts are amazingly intelligent. Chosen topics are based around what is recently on my mind in relation to writing. These posts are intended for contemplation, mostly for other writers or aspiring writers.


There are many other things I could blog about.

But why would I – when this blog’s purpose is to be a platform for my writing?

I understand the concept of well-rounded blog presentations for readers to be entertained by – especially in regards to solely being a blogger. Since I’m blogging more often than I expected to (notice the lack of a byline?) and am aware of this, I’ve considered including game reviews. But while I enjoy playing computer/table-top games as a hobby, I don’t want to be burdened with having to review them for other people’s entertainment.

I’m a visual/musical hobby artist, too. I have experience in photoshop and traditional methods. I have created music and dabble in garageband, but neither of these activities are things I wish to blog about. I watch movies and TV like most Americans, I even like to critically analyze them on my own time, but reviewing them as a blog practice? No, thank you.

There is music and I enjoy music a great deal, songs in particular. Music is extremely subjective, but there are certain musicians that I think should be known by as many people as possible. These artist spotlights would probably last for about ten posts, but might be fun for readers?

I’ve considered posting about specific issues/details pertaining to my projects for future (book) readers to find later. But isn’t that just so overly presumptuous to do?

Not particularly unique either, but I could post about managing chronic muscle/nerve/tension pain and holistic health for people that deal with similar issues. Personally, though, I don’t enjoy focusing on this aspect of my life even if it is an inevitable reality that I navigate on a daily basis.

On that note, I could discuss meditation and mental practices… or more occult topics (making them a little less occult each go). I feel needlessly preachy when I write about these topics though.

My university degree was in Sociology, so supposedly I could analyze some current national/world issues, or blabber on about societal influences and institutional structures, but I’d rather not. Politics on any scale is an insane realm to be involved with, even within theoretical speculation. I’ve done journalism and activism before, I’m not interested in either.

No, I prefer to blog about the process and craft of fictional writing.

That’s much more sane.

Dominika (August 4)

P.S.; Here’s some influential music; The Orb, The Synthetic Dream Foundation, and Avantasia.

edit: Oh, also, I garden… but not much, just some pumpkins, herbs, so on and so forth.