Blog 0008 – Deconstruction

I don’t blog often.

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UPDATES: Ami posted a great blog about villains and anti-heroes, her examples are precise:


So, I’ve been considering crafting a deconstruction piece.

I don’t know, though.

I wouldn’t know which trope/concept to deconstruct.

Which reminds me that a wonderful site is I love their brief, concise breakdowns of these symbols of our collective creativity.

It’s intimidating to me to consider a deconstruction piece, simply because if I am to do it, I suspect I would have to remove MAGIC, FANTASY, and SCIENCE FICTION from the story… and then what would be left? If I strip it of DRAMA and GLAMOUR and HUMOR? could this really help find the hidden assumptions?

Personally, I naturally align a lot more with Reconstruction in that a trope/concept is deconstructed, then reconstructed – but can no longer be seen in the lights of the prior Untouched Concept because the previous deconstruction has left its mark. I like inflating my pieces with GLITTER and expose hidden assumptions, not from stripping it down to the bones, but by placing it on a glorified pedestal with a neon spotlight.

Who cares if it doesn’t make much sense? It’s fun!

So, Deconstruction is not my go-to. It would be a challenge and an exercise… but most pieces are, right now.

Maybe it is because I am influenced by Progressive Metal, especially Devin Townsend, Ayreon, c’mon. Hell, Devin even has an album entitled Deconstruction. Listen to it. Do it.

I thought about some novels I could deconstruct, but then I couldn’t figure out why I would want to do that. I don’t believe I would be successful enough to make the time and effort put into it, worth it. Plus, it often feels and seems like everything has already been done. Again and again, many movies, literature, stories, circular. Originality? Lolwut.

Part of me wants to make movies… but I’d have to spend a lot of time getting $$$ so I could do it to the quality that I desire… because I love HQ and while I could go nitty-gritty Windows Movie Maker, I’d rather not if I’m going to invest my time/energy. And there’s so many kinds of movies that seem like it would be fun to make, that I could really get into, but then I don’t know which to choose, which to go with. Lately, I’ve been practicing script writing (the formatting alone takes some time), but to projects that I’ll never ever do. I have edited in the past, but it’s the camerawork that gives me the issues….

Today, I thought about a film that could be the old-school Family Gets Taken, Hero has to retrieve them, but to have it with a lesbian couple and a butch as the MC. Lots of guns, action. Raw violence? Maybe. Or thriller. A fun idea… feel like it’s been done before. Another idea I had was doing an indie-styled film to the idea of a Hero/Protagonist (female or male, probably male) seeking REVENGE (classic) for his wife and child’s murder… but he never, ever finds the murderer and travels around the US, never finding the murderer and then the hero dies, boringly. :D Again, I feel like this has also already been done probably.

And then the whole business of getting actors together… and having them deliver lines… It just seems like so much work for nothing when I think through that “Part of me”.

But still, I fantasize about it from time to time. It’s fun. There are a lot of alternatives I could probably do if I really wanted to, but I haven’t hit the right energy – or fully committed to any single project – to develop it into something… though for some projects, I have gotten close. I’ve contemplated figuring out puppets or animation for short works… but my skills just… are so not what I /want/ them to be. (:I)

I’m not only influenced by Progressive Metal, but music – in general – like I suppose, most are. There are many, many musical artists that I appreciate, resonate, and enjoy. Some of them, I wish to attempt to express similar patterns in my writing. Pink Floyd is another major influence on the direction of my writing style. Floyd is all about space and patience, like a slow breath. Maybe I’ll write about it some time.

Anyways, in other news, I’ve been playing a lot of Warframe lately, I also tried out Mount&Blade (Warband?)…. and… just no. I went back to Warframe so fast. Right now, I play Mag, but I’m looking to get Nyx.

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