Blog 0007 – The Sixth Sense

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UPDATES: Taking a short break (couple of weeks) to refresh the mind, revitalize my eyes so I can return to manuscripts fresh for further writing.

You are not your mind.

Be aware of this as we explore the Sixth Sense of Characters (and consequently, most humans).

I’ll cut to the chase. We commonly agree to the understanding that human bodies have five senses (barring psychic-like senses for the time being). Smell, Taste, Sight, Hearing and Touch. Nose, Tongue, Eyes, Ears, and Skin (except for those missing those items, then substitute with appropriate organ names). Anyways, there is a sixth sense and exploring this sense in a character can unlock the depth of who they are – so that, as the author, you can realize how they will react and interact with their world.

This Sixth Sense is Thought.

There are a number of discussions about this on the intergalactic network, here are a couple, but feel free to search around yourself;

Exploring the Thoughts of your Character can animate them in ways that will be unrecognizable to short-order writers.

Whenever a situation occurs, a circumstance unfolds for the plot of the story (whether or not it will be included in a draft or the final of that story’s presentation, sharing with the readers isn’t a requirement), analyze and observe the Thoughts of the Characters involved!

The other senses are important as well, but observing the actual thought – the logic processing of your Character when they believe they are alone, they think their mind is sacred and private – but no, it’s cracked open for you to pick at.

So, pick.

Find out about them.

Learn how to manipulate them.

How do they come to a decision?

Why did they make that particular decision?

How controlled were they?

How reckless?

That’s the gist.

Understand that concepts like “reckless” and “controlled” will, also, need to be defined by you, for the character’s Universe, and for yours as well. Your character should have different definitions than you about words… unless they are you, in which case, carry on.

Anyways, I’m off to watch the last season of Breaking Bad (nsfw) (pretty alright show, yuh?)… Play some Rift… maybe Defiance… *rolls away*

– Dominika (July 8)