Blog 0003 – New to WP

I don’t blog often.

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Hello WordPress,

Can you believe this is my first time on this site? Well, it is.

Why did I create a page? I wanted a public forum to post my developing works in portfolio format, find friends and neighbors who like what I’m doing, find readers for my projects, and also, share my creative process here and there.

I don’t plan on blogging very often (as my header claims), but when I do, I want it to count.

I’m not familiar with the WordPress community, nor am I connected to any of the numerous authors/readers. For the past year or so, my focus has been entirely on writing different styles, stories, etc. I haven’t stopped focusing on my craft, but now I’m at a point where I can draw myself up and look around at my surroundings.

There’s a lot of great resources out amongst the Interwebs, but I’m interested in what followers (and even, stopper-byers) are interested in. Is it the formal connection? What makes you curious? Why are you following?

Tell me what you want from me.

Also, I’d appreciate any specific advice about WP, the author community, the readership community (I know there are a bunch of blogs based around these and trust me, I’m reading through them!) and what draws sincere traffic.

When I say sincere traffic, I mean humans that may be interested in reading some fiction… seems like there should be a lot of those?

Anyways, I don’t expect people to be overly interested in “who I am”, I expect people to be interested in writing, potentially my writing process, brainstorming techniques, character discussion, world building, the development of my projects, possible collaborative works… am I anywhere close?

Now, off to watch the Game of Thrones finale…

– Dominika (June 15, 2014)