Blog 0002 – Personal Manifesto

I don’t blog often.

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Truth. Awareness. Consciousness.

Chaos. Order. Beauty.

Desire. Discipline. Discovery.

Energy. Exploration.


Gratitude. Growth.

Intensity. Intimacy. Intellect.


Liberation. Mystery. Passion.

Peace. Privacy. Reflection.

Resilience. Respect. Responsibility.

Sacrifice. Satisfaction.


Spirit. Transcendence.

Understanding. Virtue. Wisdom.



I shine my light in honor of The Highest Source of All Existence.

My writing is an extension of this energy.

Freedom and equal accessibility to abundant resources are concepts that I stand for, as well as understanding the importance of dissent within society.

Humans are curious things, with conflicting desires and programmed understandings, with severe, destructive tendencies. As a human, I have dealt with many of these, from rock bottom and back up, I have gone through a gauntlet of life experiences and am still going through life (last I checked). For me, developing characters explores the myriad combinations of these human impulses that I have observed.

Individuals are not my only focus. Like a telescope figuratively looking at Earth, macro-institutions of humanity and their dynamic conflict between themselves, the planet they inhabit, and the realm of thought, inform my writing.

Truly, nearly all of life is a grand mystery from a human perspective. Around this simple fact, humans create all kinds of logic to justify, build consensus, and even, enforce linear understandings. Currently, modern society does not support creative progression, innovative civilization, or authentic freedom. But we make do.

My vision is to reach out and present people with stories of characters and worlds that relate to aspects of humanity, which express invigorating views of reality, life, and the universe, that push limitations of thought, and trigger the reader’s own awareness to develop further.

Simple, right?

– Dominika (June 15, 2014)